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Friday, January 21, 2022

Gettr Launched By Team Trump, Led By Donald Trump’s Former Spokesman!

Gettr, a new social media platform launched by Team Trump. It will be a MAGA venture! Gettr will be led by the former spokesman of Former US President Donald Trump, Jason Miller! 

Tim Murtaugh On The Team Of Gettr As An Important Consultant!

The team of former US President Donald Trump managed to launch a new social media platform, Gettr, on Thursday. They termed it as a critical and important alternative to all the sites managed by Big Tech houses. But there is still confusion out there for most of his fans.

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Maybe Trump is fulfilling his long-promised proposal of offering his followers their social media platform. Or maybe, by launching Gettr, Trump just wants to create a critical and important alternative to all those mainstream platforms out there! The social site, known as Gettr, has a mission statement mentioned in its advertisement which reads as promoting free speech and common sense, challenging cancel culture, fighting social site monopolies while creating an original marketplace full of ideas. 

This app is now available in its beta form, however, its official launch date is at 10 a.m. on 4th July. The former spokesman of former US President, Donald Trump, Jason Miller will be leading this new platform. This is according to a confirmation he sent via a text. The former spokesperson of the Trump Campaign, Tim Murtaugh will be joining the app as an important consultant.

The involvement of Donald Trump with this project still remains unclear. Many fans are still speculating on whether Donald Trump will be creating an account on his new app, Gettr. The fans of the former US President Donald Trump are still awaiting his decision. But whatever his decision, it will be welcomed with grace by his fans!

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