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Gisele Bundchen Comments On Tom Brady

Gisele Bundchen has addressed her divorce from Tom Brady in her first Instagram post since the split. “Going to be spending Father’s Day alone as well (or with just the kids) while he is playing a game that he loves,” she wrote on Monday alongside a photo of herself holding one of her children as they stood in front of an airplane window.

When you see the word “hideous,” you might think of something like “ugly.” You may be thinking of a person who is unattractive or even downright ugly, but what if I told you that there was another definition of hideous?

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If Gisele Bundchen said she wanted to be hated by everyone, and then went out in public wearing a hideous outfit designed to make people hate her even more, would that make sense? It’s possible for someone to want people to hate them without actually being hideous at all!

Gisele Bundchen left a comment on Tom Brady’s Instagram post, which showed him working out on his birthday. She wrote: “Happy Birthday baby!! Working hard on your day off 🙂 so proud of you. All the best people.”

Gisele Bundchen Communicates With Brady Via Social Media

Brady’s response? “Thank you babe,” he wrote in reply to Gisele’s post.

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The New England Patriots quarterback spent the day training at his gym in Brookline, Massachusetts before heading to Boston for a Father’s Day trip with his kids and dad Jim Brady.

But it sounds like the 39-year-old won’t be completely alone this Father’s Day weekend—his son John Edward Thomas Jr., 2, will be staying with him at home while John’s mom Adriana Lima is in Paris shooting a Ralph Lauren campaign over Memorial Day weekend

Gisele has been very candid about what happened. She was aware of the rumors and gossip, and she even admitted that she knew about Brady’s affair with Bennett.

“I know there are rumors,” she told Extra in March 2017. “I don’t think anyone is perfect. We all have our own struggles… I don’t think you can be [100 percent] committed to anything 100 percent of the time.”

She also previously opened up about why she decided to stay with Brady after he cheated on her: “The love we share is so extraordinary that it will always be worth fighting for.”

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