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Golden States Stimulus Check; Why The Delay?

The stimulus checks in the state of California are generated by the Tax Board of the state every two-week intervals. In the initial two rounds of the checks, about 2.6 million residents received the payments. It has been stated that paper checks will be given out in the third round of the payments in the state. It will be provided to 2 million eligible residents of the state approximately. The two initial rounds of payments were provided on the 27th of August and the 17th of September. And now the next round of the stimulus check payments will be provided on the 5th of October.

 Stimulus Check; Issues

There is one problem that has been detected in the entire process of the Golden States Stimulus checks, and that is the long intervals between the payments. The reason behind this is the inability of the officials to send the entire 9 billion checks all at once. If this is to be done then it will be very difficult for the officials to validate the eligibility of the recipients all at once. Not only this but they also have the responsibility to extend protection to the recipients from the frauds which makes it dangerous for them to dispatch the huge amount altogether. And there are a lot of processing constraints as well. 

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As per the estimation made by the Franchise Board of the state, over 9 million recipients of the state are perfectly eligible to receive the upcoming round of payments. It has been stated that the ones who have their individual taxpayer identification number but do not own a social security number will not be exempted from receiving the stimulus check financial aid payments. The major difference is the fact that the AGI that has been set is 75,000 USD from 30,000 USD. This provides an advanced opportunity for the residents of the state. The stimulus checks financial aid payments are included in the state budget of California.

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