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Golden State Stimulus Check: The Payments Have Started Coming In For The Californians

Taking a cue from the federal administration, Governor Gavin Newsom gave assent to a Golden State stimulus check last year intended to help residents from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. People received between $600 and $1,200.

The plan initially was to provide support to low-income residents of the state. But this May, the Governor expanded the plan to bring in families from the middle-income group. The plan was approved by lawmakers and Newsom gave his final signature to the proposal that sent stimulus check worth $1,000 to California’s residents.

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Two-thirds of the residents of California have received stimulus checks worth $600. The Tax Board of the state said the Golden State Stimulus under the expanded scheme will reach eligible residents. People have acknowledged receiving the checks starting September 3. Starting Friday, residents started receiving the latest round of stimulus checks.

Eligibility For The Second Golden State Stimulus Check

The state check will go out to households and individuals earning below $75,000 and above $30,000. They will get a check of $600. An extra $500 will go out to parents and earning $75,000 or less. Beneficiaries include illegal immigrants, but who file their returns.

This is the second state stimulus check issued by California to residents affected by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

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The earlier check went to people making $30,000 and less. The stimulus check was worth $600. This check also went out to immigrants who earned $75,000 or less and who filed taxes.

These individuals came under a greater eligibility bracket because they were not eligible for the federal stimulus.

The criteria for qualification can be broadly summed up as those who filed their 2020 taxes and earned up to $75,000. Beneficiaries would have to be residents of the state for over 6 months of the tax year (2020). Claimants should not have been claimed as dependents.

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