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Golden State Stimulus Tracking: Why Is A New Check Needed?

Golden State Stimulus Tracking is one of the main concerns for the residents of the United States at the moment. This is because California is the only state providing the stimulus check at the moment. Stimulus Check demands for the fourth round have intensified to a great extent. 

The demands have now been around for a long time. People have been pushing the claims for almost a year now. The Stimulus Check provided a huge monetary relief to the citizens of America. It was first announced by the federal government in March. 

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However, citizens have stated that the money offered was not enough. The federal government designed the plan in the month of March. They have sent out three rounds of stimulus checks so far. The third round of payments was sent out by the IRS recently. 

The checks were worth $1400. These were sent out as direct payments to the qualified individuals. People earning below $75000 were entitled to receive the stimulus payments. According to reports, the money provided is not enough to see the Americans for long. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The amount received by the citizens will soon be used up. Most households have a huge backlog of payments like rent. The shutdown made many Americans lose their jobs. This has resulted in high demand for the fourth round of stimulus checks. 

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The citizens of America have tried all sorts of methods to pursue the government. The checks were initially announced by the federal government in the month of March. Citizens who qualified to receive the payments have benefitted largely. They could focus more on productive work and worry less about finance. 

This money was predominantly used by the people to pay off their debts. However, the fact that the government was no longer interested in the Stimulus Check concerned the mass. The residents of California can, however, heave a sigh of relief. 

They will be provided with checks that will aid them in tough times. However, after the rollout of the initial checks, people are curious about the golden state stimulus tracking. Let us find out more about the golden state stimulus tracking in detail below. 

Golden State Stimulus Tracking Gain Momentum Amid Shutdown Scare

As the demands rise with each passing day, the possibility of another check seems bleak. The federal government has stated its reasons for not providing any more assistance. The rapid rate of vaccination, easing off the covid protocols, all directs towards the economy bouncing back. 

However, the reality is far from being worse. Many households are still struggling to get through with their days.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

But if you are a resident of California, the good news is coming your way. The governor of the State, Gavin Newsom announced Golden State Stimulus II. The program ensures a payout of $600 for every individual in California. 

A person earning between $30000 to $75000 will be entitled to the money. Each child will be receiving a sum of $500 as a stimulus check. 

The first round of the stimulus check was rolled out on 27th August. Almost 600,000 residents benefited from the money. 

The subsequent batches came in September. However, a lot of Californians are yet to receive the money. This made the mass concerned about the golden state stimulus tracking. 

This time a larger number of Californians(2million) will be benefitted. The Golden State Stimulus II program has a provision of $100b. The California government has ensured that almost every resident will qualify for the Golden State Stimulus II. 

However, that did not stop people from doing their homework about the golden state stimulus tracking. There are certain guidelines to receive the stimulus payment. Let us have a detailed breakdown of the Golden State Stimulus Tracking. 

Golden State Stimulus Tracking: Where Is My Check? 

Before you opt for golden state stimulus tracking, you need to be aware of a few things. These checks will only be dispatched if you are not a social security beneficiary. 

You must have other sources of income other than social security. People whose only source of income is social security will not get any golden state stimulus. A resident must also submit their tax files for the year 2021. 

The last date for the submission was 15th October 2021. The initial checks were deposited directly to the beneficiaries. California has since then sent out paper checks. These checks will take about forty-five days to reach the residents after being processed. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The golden state stimulus tracking is currently available only for residents with ZIP codes 720-927 & 928-999. The 720-927 batch should expect their checks within 21st January. The latter half will have to wait till 1st February to get the cash. People who have not yet received their money should seek help from the CFTB. 

The Golden State Stimulus Tracking can be done by calling 800-852-5711 on weekdays, 8 am to 5 pm. People dialing from outside America can reach them at 916-845-6500. 


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