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Google Adsense And Monetization Tips For Beginners

Do you want to improve your website monetization? Do you want to understand the different bid types Google Adsense has and how to best take advantage of them? If that is the case then you are in the right place, so keep on reading.

Adsense is definitely the best tool for monetization for beginners, but before applying blindly you would do well to learn what bid types are and other tricks you can use to optimize your revenue.

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The Why And How Of Google Adsense

As the name implies Google Adsense is part of the Google brand. And has been a staple of the internet since 2003, during which it has been one of the most used marketing platforms around. Due to its general simplicity Google Adsense is just great for beginners, and once your website grows with time all of your work will be exponentially rewarded.

So with that in mind let’s look at some Google Adsense tips that will make the process so much easier for you.

Keep these in mind

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Of course, before diving head first into monetization you need to properly consider certain details regarding how Google Adsense works and what is it looking for in a partner.

Is your site truly ready for Adsense?

Before applying Adsense asks you to consider the following elements: Content, Navigation and Layout. The main takeaway here is that the site has to be designed in a welcoming way; any visitor should have no issue navigating your website for it to be truly Adsense ideal. And of course, you want good content because it has to keep them engaged and even more importantly coming back.

Besides that there are some restrictions in content, so not everything can apply, below we have listed the main restrictions for your convenience:

· Mature content

· Hateful content

· Shocking content

· Illegal activities

· Malware

· Drugs and derivated

· Sales of alcohol, tobacco, drugs weapons and ammo.

How big google ads should a banner be?

It might sound simple but a banner is an important design choice, and thankfully there are pre-determined sizes that have been proven as the most accessible and popular to use.

The best banner sizes for a Desktop site are:
970×250 / 300×600 / 300×250 / 728×90 / 160×600.

While mobile users will prefer to use banners in these dimensions:
300×250 / 320×320 / 336×280 / 300×300 / 320×100.

Another important thing to consider is that you can choose to run Auto Ads. This allows Adsense to choose on its own the best moments to show advertisements without affecting the user’s experience.

Update your statement

Something important that anybody relying on Google Adsense needs to do is to update their privacy policy; this is to make sure the visitors are properly informed that there is an ad network in the site which will show advertisements to them, this is a Google stipulation, and so it’s very important to keep it in mind.

Google Adsense and Bid Types

We have mentioned Bid Types a few times by now, and in short what we mean by this is the method in which the earnings of an advertisement are handled. This is show more in detail during the signup process so for now we want to explain every individual type so you get a better grasp at how your revenue gets calculated.

Cost per Click or CPC

With this method you earn money every time a visitor to your website clicks on that ad. The cost and profit depends on various factors, mainly the content of it and how valuable your website is seen by advertisers.

Cost-per-thousand impressions or CPM

In this category users don’t actually need to interact with the ad in any way. You are getting paid for being able to spread the ad to a certain amount of people, and in this case that number is a 1000.

Active View cost-per-thousand-impressions- or vCPM

This is a new form of Bid Type introduced on Adsense and is in practice very similar to the above but with a caveat. You also get paid for exposure of the ad over interaction, but retention time matters as well, in short the ad must not only be seen but last long enough open for Google to believe it was properly seen.

Cost-per-engagement (CPE)

The most unique of the Bid Types definitely is CPE, in this case the advertisers define an specific action that they want visitors to perform, and only if that is completed will the website see any revenue.

On top of that you should keep in mind that Google does take 32% of your earnings per month, so that’s something you should keep present when calculating your revenue.

Google Adsense Tips And Tricks

Control Your Ads

Ads.txt allows you to choose what publishers are allowed into your website and ensures that only the right brands are tied to your website. You can find a curated list or build your own, but this is definitely a tip for more experienced users.

Build Your Audience.

A large and loyal audience is the main pillar of any website. More traffic means more ads and as such means more money too. Of course there are various ways to grow your audience but we believe there are 3 main points to consider on this topic:

Be Smart About Your Content

The first thing you should keep in mind is that quality content will always matter more than the quantity of content. What you really want is a truly engaged reader base that sticks with you on the long run. But you can also make sure to pick the most profitable content by researching trends and current popular topics. Looking to popular search results is a great way to do this.

Another factor to take into account is that content is created massively on the internet; we are talking well over 5 million blog posts per day. Even if your content is great you might need some help to stand apart from the rest. A good idea is to use ads on social media to get a bigger audience. On average people spend at least an hour on Facebook, and that’s just Facebook, not counting all the other social media that allow you to advertise. A lot of information can be fed in that time, and you might boost your audience in no time with it.

Work On Your Statistics

You really want to understand your audience to properly create content that keeps them coming back. Google analytics is a great tool for this, which allows you to keep track of your most viewed and engaging content. Getting these in order will let you create content that keeps your audience loyal and coming back.

The countries you are getting visits from matter as well, and finding ways to attract visitors from what AdSense calls Tier1 countries can boost your earnings considerably. Also, remember that time spent on your site means more money for you, so see what articles keep people more engaged and makes them follow another page. These small factors add up a lot.

Always Look For New Options

The ad industry is always growing and as you get a bigger audience and see better revenue it’s a good idea to look into alternative options. There are other services you can use alongside Google for your website and in turn would help you boost your own earnings. Keep looking for other options and keep working on your website’s foundations, as long as you do that things should work out for you on the long run.

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