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Google Doodle: Slice Your Way Through The Game Of Pizza

Google Doodle celebrated the pizza through an interactive game on their logo. The fun doodle game celebrated perhaps the most loved dish in the world, the Italian pizza. On this day the culinary talent of Neapolitan Pizza was adorned on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2007.

The Google doodle is sure to eat up a slice of your time, and you will have fun in the process. And the deeper you delve into the crust, the tougher the game becomes.

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Naples to the southwest of Italy is credited with creating the pizza as we know it in the latter part of the 18th century. The art of making an authentic pizza comprises 4 distinct phases related to the pizza-making process.

Google Doodle Lets You Gather Points As You Accurate Slice Up The Pizzas

The doodle game is designed to satisfy everyone’s palate. While combination pizzas remain a favorite, not all flavors appeal to every person. So to give the maximum enjoyment, you need to slice the pies in the Google doodle game and satisfy the diners.

In the Google doodle game, you get a choice of the most popular pizza varieties, and you get a way to slice it according to the order. You get stars for your accuracy.

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The doodle game instructs you on the way you can pair the slices with topping and how you can deliver just the right order. That could mean you get instruction to cut up the pie into say 3 slices with pepperoni, another 3 slices of pineapple with pepperoni, and 2 slices with a tomato-pineapple combination.

You amass the stars depending on how well and accurately you manage to slice up the pizza with just the right combination in the Google doodle game. Be careful as the geography could turn dicey.

The Google doodle challenge pits you against the most popular varieties of pies across the world, including calabrese pizzas and pepperoni pizza. There is also a Hawaiian variety and also a teriyaki mayonnaise creation.

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