Gov. Wolf Still Pursues Stimulus Check Worth $2000 For Pennsylvanians

stimulus check
stimulus check

Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania, was seen with Emily Kinkead, Representative, at West View HUB in Pittsburgh. They jointly requested the General Assembly which has a Republican majority to take action in support of giving stimulus checks to Pennsylvanians. 

Gov. Wolf stated that the legislation must approve the Rescue Act of American Plan (ARPA) and provide a fund worth $500 million. This will allow every Pennsylvanian to receive $2000 stimulus checks. 

Pennsylvanians Fight For A Stimulus Check 

Gov. Wolf announced that the prices of every product including gas and groceries are spiked considerably within the last few weeks due to inflation. This has made the life and cost of living of Pennsylvanians very difficult. Many are unable to pay rent or buy adequate food and medication. 

He further added that he is pained to see his citizens in dire trouble and is seeking solutions to help them. For this reason, he is demanding a $2000 worth of stimulus check for every Pennsylvanian. 

Gov. Wolf has proposed a PA Opportunity Program of $500 million within ARPA dollars that will facilitate direct payments to every Pennsylvanian household that has under $80,000 income. 

Gov. Wolf’s Efforts 

This PA Opportunity Program aims at assisting families economically affected by the COVID-19. It will help them recover and manage their daily living costs. Gov. Wolf mentioned that this is the appropriate time to take action and pass the bill for Pennsylvanians. 

He further added that a single payment of a stimulus check can also help the families in recovering from pandemic hardships. It might also assist them in dealing with this immense blow of inflation being experienced by the citizens presently. He also reminded the General Assembly of the $2 billion funds that are unused in Harrisburg. It can be used now in an appropriate way to help the people of Pennsylvania.