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Great Resignation Takes America By Storm

Great Resignation has become one of the recent trends in America. A large mass of low-key workers is leaving their jobs. The country is witnessing one of the biggest mass resignations of recent times. A huge number of people have left their jobs. The number stood at 4.4million people leaving their current job in September. The figures are shocking as it was recorded in just a month.

However, upon close analysis, something interesting has come up. Mercer is one of the leading consultancies in America. Their study has concluded that mass resignations mean something different. One has to take a close look at who exactly is willing to leave their jobs. It has been observed that the majority of the people who resigned earned less than $60000. This amount is termed as low-key in America. Thus, it can be concluded that a revolution is brewing. 

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A lot of factors have led the poorly paid laborers to quit. The pandemic hit America real hard. People suffered from a lot of financial distress. The poor pay scale of the workers made their lives even tougher. They struggled with their day-to-day expenses, bill payments, rents, etc. This created a sense of frustration among the workers. They have thus opted for the Great Resignation for something better and stress-free. Let us learn more about this story in detail below. 

Great Resignation Calls For Dawn Of Reckoning

The Great Resignation seems to have ignited a sense of reckoning. The workers that are paid poorly are no longer willing to do the same job. Everyone has got their eyes set high. A recent survey has shown two major factors responsible for the Great Resignation. This included a high pay scale and the freedom to work remotely.  

The Great Resignation is one of the most discussed topics in America. It remains to be seen which way the story unfolds in the future. 

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