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Stimulus Check- Growing Demands

The rising cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States of America are one of the biggest reasons behind the ongoing push for the stimulus check financial aid payments. And this is because a lot of people are suffering economically due to this. Following this, the eligible people of the country want the federal government to pay them the monthly installments of the stimulus checks so that their lives become a little easier.

Stimulus Check Updates

The one platform to make their demand for the federal aid payments is “Change.org.” It is an online petition where people are placing their demand for money from their government. It was started by a woman called Stephanie Bonin. She hails from the state of Colorado and is one of those people who were seriously economically affected by the ongoing pandemic.

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The petition demands the federal government to provide them a total of 200 USD stimulus check payments for adults and 1000 USD for children. They want it to be provided for until the remaining part of the pandemic gets over and the people get back to their feet again. Until now, the o line petition has had a total of 2,895,698 people supporting it. It just needs a few more to make it one of the most supported petitions ever.

The US Congress has provided a total of three rounds of the stimulus check financial aid payments ever since the pandemic hit the country. It is to be noted that some popular lawmakers are also supporting the demand for the stimulus check federal aid payments. Ilhan Omar, the Representative, supported the legislation concerning a basic income throughout the country of the federal workers. Four legislators came out in support of the said legislation. 

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