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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Golden State Stimulus Check: Over 800,000 Fresh Stimulus Checks Issued

The latest batch of the state stimulus check issued by the Golden State went out on Friday. The relief checks are worth $1,100 maximum. Over 784,000 checks are included in this round and have a combined valuation of around $555M.

Figures released by the Tax Board of California, the CFTB, have revealed that 750,000 of these state relief checks will be sent by mail. These paper stimulus checks will be sent starting Monday.

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Eligible recipients with ZIP codes ending 376 to 584 will get the first of the present round of stimulus checks. The Golden State relief checks are still being sent to residents residing in areas with ZIP codes between 221 and 375. Paper relief checks will be mailed to the subsequent group residing in ZIP codes between 585 and 719 beginning November 29, according to the website.

Direct Account Deposit Of Stimulus Check Start On Friday

California will also receive the state stimulus checks directly into account from Friday benefiting 34,000 beneficiaries. Residents receiving relief checks in this batch will receive their stimulus checks several days later if it is a direct credit to the bank.

For residents collecting paper checks through the US Postal Service, the stimulus checks could be delayed by up to 3 weeks. Once this round of payments is completed, the Golden State should have made 6M payments with a combined valuation of over $4.5B. This is ever since the 2nd phase of the state relief checks were sent out starting the end of August, says the state Tax Board.

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Taxpayers who qualify are eligible for a relief check of $600 plus $500 more if they declare at least a dependent. Around 9M residents of the state, comprising 25% of the total population, are eligible for the state relief check given out by the Golden State.

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