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GS Stimulus Checks: Payments Arriving 17th September

The current week is going to see the Californian state issue even more stimulus checks under the Golden State payments plan to citizens who are eligible. The first checks were sent out on 27th August. It was reported to have paid out $354Mn over payments numbering an estimated 600,000.

The Latest Round Of GS Stimulus Check Payments

The next batch of stimulus checks will be sent out on 17th September. This time around an estimated 2Mn Californian residents will be receiving these checks.

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How quickly one gets the GS Stimulus check depends on some specific criteria. The earliest recipients will be the one who has their bank account details registered with the Tax Board of the California Franchise. They must also have registered themselves to be able to accept the stimulus check through the direct deposit methods. The remaining people who have opted to get the second relief payment via mail will have to wait for another month. The date set for mailing has been announced as 5th October.

However, this is not all. The Californian state has issued warnings regarding possible delays. They said that some of the stimulus checks may be delayed. The reason cited is that these payments might need further review. The amount of information available to the Tax Board or special circumstances will determine if further review is required.

A post regarding the same on the website of the tax agency lists changes in bank accounts, addresses, etc. as the possible situations that need reviewing. Approximately 67% of the residents of California will be expecting a stimulus check payment. The total relief being sent is $12Bn.

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This is the second of the three payment rounds which are directed toward workers who are self-employed and parents with a low income.

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