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Thursday, December 2, 2021

GS Stimulus Checks: Approximate Delivery Dates According To Zipcode

Over 1Mn Californian natives who are eligible for a stimulus check under the GSS program but are yet to receive one can see their payments arrive as early as the present week. The reason is that the CFTB is getting ready to send out one more round beginning this Friday.

Further Details On The Latest Batch Of Stimulus Checks

The total number of stimulus checks being sent out in the latest batch is 1.15Mn. The total value is approximately $857Mn, as per the information released by the CFTB (California Franchise Tax Board). Within this batch, 400,000 payments are direct deposit payments and will be sent on the coming Friday. The remaining 750,000 payments are physical checks that will start being sent via mail from next Monday.

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If you are expecting a stimulus check, officials state that direct deposits may take a number of days before they are reflected in your account at the bank. A physical check, meanwhile, can take as much as 3 weeks to reach you after being mailed.

California’s GSS II program has been issuing checks worth $600 to $1100 depending on whether an individual has a dependent who qualifies as well. Residents are eligible if their annual income in 2020 was, at most, $75,000.

Stimulus checks have been sent to nearly 50% of the estimated 9Mn residents of California who are eligible for a GSS II payment. If you are getting a physical check via mail, then here is a timetable released by the CFTB according to zip code:

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000 to 044 – 6 Oct till 27 Oct

045 to 220 – 18 Oct till 5 Nov

221 to 375 – 1 Nov to 19 Nov

376 to 584 – 15 Nov to 3 Dec

585 to 719 – 29 Nov to 17 Dec

720 to 927 – 13 Dec to 31 Dec

928 to 999 – 27 Dec to 11 Jan 2022

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