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Hackers Targeting Nvidia Steal 1TB Of Proprietary Data: Nvidia Fights Back

Nvidia has said it was investigating an incident of hacking that targeted its proprietary data and was seeking ransom. They said that the entity behind the incident was leaking credentials of employees and information that was proprietary over the internet.

Nvidia became alert to the leak only on February 23. But it claimed that there would not be any breach in business capabilities or the ability to service its customers following the incident.

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The attack was claimed by Lapsus$, a hacking group that demanded that the company make their drivers open-source to protect against future leaks.

The company appears not to have conceded to the demands. The company claimed it has strengthened its security measures, notified law authorities, and is cooperating with cybersecurity majors to respond appropriately to the attacks.

Lapsus$ has claimed that it holds one terabyte of Nvidia’s data. They have sent a message that the data’s hardware folder is 250GB alone. They claimed it contains info on every recent GPU of Nvidia. That includes the RTX 3090 Ti.

Nvidia Hacker Group Update Demand And Give Friday Deadline

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The hacker group had earlier sent a message threatening to leak files if the company persists with their limitations on their recent graphic cards, saying that made them less engaging to crypto miners.

The hacker group today updated their demand. They included the demand that the company perpetually makes its GPU drivers open-source. They threatened that Nvidia had until next Friday to arrive at a decision.

They said they would release the total silicon chip files, letting everyone into their most closely guarded secrets and their secrets for the computer and graphics chipsets also.

The company said it was evaluating the incident and there were rumors that ransomware may be involved. They believe that the ransomware may be related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But Nvidia said that they have no evidence of either of the two things.

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