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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Halsey’s Label Confirms ‘So Good’ Song Will Be Out In June Post TikTok Drama

Good news for fans of Halsey. Her label has finally made a big statement regarding the release of her next song named ‘So Good’. They have announced that Halsey’s next music video will be out on 9th June by Capitol Music Group. 

This announcement by the music label, Capitol Records, was made right after she had alleged that her label had been holding the release of the song. 

New Halsey Song Coming Soon 

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Capitol Music recently made this huge announcement of releasing Halsey’s song, ‘So Good’, after she had shared a message on her social media page. Halsey had accused her label of delaying the release. 

However, Capitol Records gave a statement where they mentioned that they encourage an open dialogue with their artists. They also stated that they only intend to help and support the artists so they can succeed and their artistic output can reach the maximum number of people across the globe. 

Following this statement, the singer also wrote that she had not expected such a long conversation before releasing her song. She simply wanted her fans to hear the song and it is great that it will soon release on 9th June followed by the video on the very next day. 

Halsey Vs Label 

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Halsey had made the claim that her label had been delaying the release of her song. She shared a clip on TikTok on 22nd May. She was seen mouthing the lyrics of ‘So Good’ while the words were displayed in the video. 

On the other hand, in another TikTok clip, she claimed that the label has been pressurizing her to promote her song more before the release and not allowing it to release sooner. Fans and fellow artists came to support her in her claims against demands of fake TikTok viral clips by the label.

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