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Monday, October 2, 2023

Hannah Ferrier Relates To Austen Kroll’s ‘Strange’ Feud

Hannah Ferrier is no stranger to drama, but she’s certainly had her fair share of troubles when it comes to social media. The former “Below Deck Mediterranean” chief stew was fired in part for not disclosing her anxiety medication, which led fans and critics alike to take aim at her on Twitter — including fellow reality star Cory Bayers, who called her a “bitch” on the platform.

The former “Below Deck Mediterranean” chief stew, who was fired in part for not disclosing her anxiety medication, had a confusing exchange with fan and food blogger Rachel Good Eats, who went off on the women after she called Hargrove (whose full name is Rachel Hargrove) “a bitch.”

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“I will never apologize for calling out someone when they are being disrespectful to other women here on Twitter or anywhere else in the world,” Ferrier wrote. “If you don’t like what I have to say then block me! Simple as that!

Hargrove Replies To Hannah Ferrier

After Hargrove and Good Eats told Ferrier that they were equally offended by the comment and were confused by her apology, Ferrier admitted it was an error on her part and apologized to both of them — but they clearly weren’t buying it.

So it was that on Tuesday, Good Eats star and Hannah Ferrier had a very heated exchange with chef Rachel Hargrove on social media. A day later, though, and Hargrove weighed in once again when another user pointed out to Ferrier that she never seemed to get a break from people criticizing her on social media.

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We’re not sure what to say about Hannah Ferrier and Rachel Hargrove’s Twitter exchange, other than that it was both confusing and incredibly entertaining. If nothing else, it was an interesting window into the world of reality television stardom.

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