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Hilaria Baldwin And Alec Baldwin Welcome Another Child

Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s wife, already shares five children among themselves. Rafael Thomas, who is 5 ½ years old, Leonardo Angel Charles, who is 4 years old, as well as Romeo Alejandro David and Eduardo Pao Lucas. They recently just added another sibling to the bundle, says a source. A picture of the newborn baby was shared on the author’s Instagram with a heart emoji of red color. The caption was only written with the number “7,” and the image was struck by her husband, Alec Baldwin

A couple of months ago, Hilaria Baldwin also gave birth to her youngest son, Eduardo. This was back in 2020 September. Alec Baldwin’s oldest child is a daughter named Ireland, who is 25 years old. The yoga instructor also made a mention of how her children keep asking if there will be a new sibling joining their growing family. The podcaster also shared her children and family life during the Covid-19 pandemic with People magazine last November. 

Hilaria Baldwin Spoke About Family Life

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The author spoke to People last year, opening up about family life and motherhood. She said that during such times, with Covid, it feels “very much” as if “we’re done.” She said this in reference to motherhood and about wanting to expand the family. She said that everyone was asking her about more. And she had also denied the last time she said that she was done. But that with Covid-19, it was all “just insanity.” She also said that she was tired as well at the time. 

She also said that her children always keep asking for more family. She said they were all “used to” the new children joining the family. Hence, they keep asking about the time the “next one” would come. She also said that the children “love babies.”

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