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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Stimulus Check- Hindrance To The Recurring Payments

The lawmakers are not done fighting for recurring stimulus checks that are to be provided to all the eligible citizens of the United States of America. According to them, the payments have to be made at least until the coronavirus pandemic gets over. However, there are certain things that might change this demand into a possibility. But at the same time, there are also other things that might act against the demands.

Stimulus Check Vs Infrastructure Plan

It is already a known fact that the federal government has provided relief funds through a number of programs. They have provided a total of 1,200 USD in the month of March last year. The initiatives through which the stimulus checks were provided are the Economic Security Act and the Coronavirus Aid Relief. The government also provided 1,400 USD to all eligible citizens under Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. and then there are the child tax credit stimulus checks. The credits were distributed to all the eligible parents from the 15th of July this year.

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However, as far as the fourth round or the recurring federal aid is concerned, there might be some differences in agendas. The White House gave a statement with regard to the infrastructure plan of the Joe Biden administration. As per the details, the total amount of the plan is said to be 1.2 trillion USD. The infrastructure plan aims to bring about so many valuable things in the country including clean water, clean power, clean transportation, and universal broadband. It also focuses on introducing a framework against climate change and provides a remedy for the population. So this is the biggest reason the government is hesitant to provide the fourth round of the stimulus checks  

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