HIVE Blockchain Will See Expansion Towards Mining Operations


HIVE blockchain technology, one of the biggest publicly traded crypto mining companies, has decided to sign a deal to purchase ASIC chips. The business will be conducted with the manufacturer of semiconductors, Intel, which will then be used further in the creation of their new custom mining devices. The blockchain company has provided for the devices to be created through a third-party custom design manufacturer that will help integrate the chips of Intel into new BTC mining devices which are air-cooled. 

HIVE Blockchain About To Use Intel Chips

HIVE will also be expecting that the new devices would be doubling their aggregate mining trash for Bitcoin from a rate of 1.9 to 3.8 Exahashes per second. They will start arriving- completely ready for use- in the second half of this year. Intel did state in its patents for the chips referred to as Bonanza Mine that the chips would also help in the reduction of power consumption of most mining operations by 15%. The reduction in power usage would definitely allow the blockchain to employ more of the devices, thereby helping it increase the hash rate contribution further. 

The COO and President of HIVE, Aydin Kilic, went on to suggest that the new devices should be extremely important to the future growth of the country, with the contributions of the hash rate to the network present. He further claimed that the company had been committed to implementing these next-generation blockchain accelerators in the infrastructure of green energy. 

As of now, several countries around the world have been planning to ban the mining of Bitcoin in the name of preserving the environment. HIVE could be protected from such complaints regarding its headquarters in Texas, as it uses a facility that is powered by renewable energy.