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How Do I Get The Golden State Stimulus? Here Is All You Need To Know

How Do I Get The Golden State Stimulus is the question of the hour right now. Residents of California are getting curious about their upcoming stimulus checks. Stimulus Check provided a huge relief to all the Americans. The initiative was taken by Joe Biden.

 The announcement in March brought smiles to the people of America. The pandemic wrecked people saw the checks as a method to survive. But the checks seem to have had their time. After the third check, there is no news of any further payments being sanctioned. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check
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This has left a large chunk of the citizens concerned. Households are still coping up with the aftermath of the deadly pandemic. Necessities are becoming hard to afford for some. Debts and rents are also increasingly adding up to the pressure. A recent study has shown that a large number of people could not clear their debts. The number of rent defaulters has also increased. 

The pandemic has left the global economy in tatters. America has been no exception. Underpayment, loss of jobs were some common problems that plagued the residents. The joblessness has resulted in a spike in the number of rent defaults. 

Unfortunately, most of the defaulters are at risk of being homeless. They have been handed an eviction letter. The landlords have clarified that the defaulters need to clear their rent soon. Failing to clear the money will result in legal indulgences. 

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This has become a huge headache for the residents. Most of the residents belong to California. They are planning to clear their debts with the stimulus money. Thus, they are wondering how do I get the golden state stimulus.

 The increasing demands for the fourth set of Stimulus Check seem to have caught the government’s eye. In an online petition, over a 2.9million citizens signed in favor of added financial boosts. 

They requested the American government, led by Joe Biden to provide them with more funds. 

How Do I Get The Golden State Stimulus: Here Are The Qualifying Criteria

The Democrat leaders seem to take note of the growing responses. They are currently in talks about a possible set of checks. The check will provide a monthly relief of $2000. The qualified Americans will continue to receive them till the covid situation subsides. 

These benefits will not be the same as the previous reliefs. This will be a monthly benefit plan whereas, the previous ones were only one-time payments. Unfortunately, all these petitions seem to go in vain. The federal government did not announce any new checks till now. 

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The current covid situation in America does not look promising. The country has witnessed an alarming surge of covid cases. This surge has persisted over a couple of weeks. The death rate has also been higher. This has led to the speculation that another shutdown might be on the cards. 

The developing circumstances have made the citizens of America very much concerned. Many people could lose their job and others might suffer a significant cut in their salaries. This, the people of America look up to the government. 

Much to the relief of the people, several states have announced stimulus checks. California has been one of the very first states to do so. As soon as California announced their checks, the people began to question- how do I get the golden state stimulus. 

The Golden State Stimulus is the name of the program initiated by Gavin Newsom. In order to qualify for the payments, you first need to be a resident of California. Only the citizens of California are eligible to receive the money. 

Thus, if you do not belong to California, then the question “how do I get the golden state stimulus” will not count. 

How Do I Get The Golden State Stimulus: More Details 

When the federal government shut its door, the state governments came forward. Gavin Newsom has been the front runner of such programs. 

Ever since the announcement of the plan, Californians have been curious to know- how do I get the golden state stimulus. The initiation of the program contributed largely to Newsom winning the California recall. The plan kicked off with payments being dispatched in the month of August. 

Residents needed to fulfill some more criteria other than being a California resident. The government set certain ceilings to qualify for the payments. In the case of single filers, one should not earn more than $75000 annually. The ceiling for joint filers has been set at $150,000. Eligible families will get their stipulated $600 as direct deposits.

One can also opt for paper checks as per their wish. After the initial rounds of payments, many residents did not receive the money. They became concerned and began to question the government “how do I get the golden state stimulus”. To everyone’s relief, the government answered the question of how do I get the golden state stimulus. 

Stimulus check
Stimulus Check

They stated that all the eligible citizens will receive the money. They need to file their taxes correctly. Once they have done that, they need not worry about the payments. The payments will be processed and delivered as per the ZIP codes. 

Families having children will be provided with a bonus of $500 per child. Thus, there is a golden opportunity for Californians to garner up to $1100 from stimulus checks. In case you are still wondering, how do I get the golden state stimulus, you can always visit the government website for more details. 

The website will provide a detailed breakdown of the eligibility criteria, income bracket, and other necessary details. Thus, California people who have already filed their taxes need not worry about How do I get the golden state stimulus. 

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