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How technology is changing the way we host and deliver live events

The pandemic changed the way we attend events, meetings, seminars and a range of corporate events. Suddenly, we were all pushed to use online tools and applications such as a live webcast platform to host and attend live events. This paved the way for new capabilities and technologies for online and virtual events.

Though vaccines have been rolled out worldwide in many variations: online events are here to stay! But even with in-person events, technology is changing the way they are delivered.

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Here’s our guide to how technology is changing the way we host and deliver live events.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Through the use of machine learning to recommend networking links and targeted material to participating attendees, artificial intelligence has played a vital role in the surge in demand for virtual events. AI is expected to evolve much further in the future years, with voice-activated commands utilised for both virtual and in-person events.

Hybrid events: every event is virtual

As we began to gradually host in-person events again, hybrid options were essential. They’re even more critical now for closing the gap between the virtual events that most of us have become accustomed to and the in-person event experience we continue to ease into normality again. A hybrid option should still be necessary for those who can’t attend events or cannot make the commute.

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Event hosts should aim to provide a unique experience for each participant, whether in person or virtually. A digital live webcast platform that provides live recording, playback, and a mobile app will guarantee a consistent event experience for all participants by harmoniously combining virtual event platform capabilities for in-person guests to participate on the same platform.

Live streaming benefits and potential

Event organisers can now reach a greater audience and more of their target audience than ever before owing to social networks like Facebook implementing live streaming functionalities. Since these broadcasts are theoretically free, more people are drawn in without having to pay a penny. This has resulted in greater customer loyalty and engagement for brands. Streaming an event live from another country would provide your local and international consumers with a taste of the community work and initiatives that your company conducts, making your brand more attractive and forming better connections with customers and audiences.

VR technology

VR technology has taken over video games, social platforms and mobile devices in the last decade, and this trend is expected to continue developing and expanding in the events industry as a method for adding interaction and social components to virtual and hybrid events.

360 degree VR will be available to virtual participants at in-person events, providing a live VR experience with discussion from an in-person presenter, therefore allowing virtual audiences to feel engaged and immersed in the environment and atmospheric feel of the event.

Event user data collection

Gathering user and consumer data is so much easier nowadays thanks to technology and social media. Event organisers can personalise events to the interests of practically every attendee by knowing what they want which dramatically boosts the appeal and success of the event.

And there you have it – just a few examples of how technology is changing the way that we host and deliver all kinds of live events.

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