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How the Online Gaming Industry is Crushing It in Marketing

It’s no secret that 2020 has proven to be a very trying and challenging time for so many different industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken its toll on various businesses, but even outside of the pandemic, some industries just aren’t proving to be as sharp and successful as others. While there are all kinds of reasons that go into it, marketing can play a massive role in the success of an industry. 

So, which industry is doing it right? Look no further than the online gaming industry that has been absolutely crushing it in terms of marketing in the past few years. But what are they doing that is so different than other industries? What are the secrets that the online gaming industry seems to have figured out? Well, there are a number of techniques and factors that are playing into their success. 

Using Brand Power for Positive Change 

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While this may not be the marketing trend that first pops to mind, the more you think about it, the more examples you can find. Today there is a real focus on companies to be more mindful of their impact on the world, and to give back in any way they can.  

It comes down to brand integrity. People are more willing to support companies who give back, offer charitable donations, and try to make a difference in the world. 

The gaming industry has recognised this trend and is including it in their marketing messaging and efforts. 

The Industry Understands the Importance of Rewards and Bonuses 

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Then there is the use of rewards, bonuses, promotions, and special deals which there seems to be no shortage of. This could come in the form of a welcome bonus when registering an account, a match bonus or deposit, free plays or free games, and so forth.  

The online casino industry works as a great example of this marketing technique. Take for example Mansion Casino which is offering a wealth of fun and rewards with Mega Moolah. This is a fabulous way to attract the attention of new players, get them to check out the Mega Moolah game, as well as all the other offerings at the casino.  

You draw the players in with an incentive, and then you keep them interested by offering engaging and entertaining gaming. 

The vast majority of these offerings tend to be welcome offers, so it’s all geared at grabbing the attention of new players. With that said, many of these online casinos also feature loyalty or VIP clubs which will send out special promotions and offers to registered players. 

Taking Full Advantage of Influencer Marketing 

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How the Online Gaming Industry is Crushing It in Marketing 2

One of the most obvious marketing trends happening in the gaming industry is influencer marketing. Influencers are making an impact on all kinds of industries such as the makeup, skincare, fashion, and even home decor industries. The gaming industry is no exception, as there are some very impactful influencers that large gaming developers and companies have teamed up with via YouTube. 

Wondering what’s the secret to a perfect partnership? It’s all about finding the right influencer who has a large and loyal following, is relevant, and whose own branding matches up with the branding of the game or gaming platform being marketed. Did you know that some social influencers are able to make thousands of pounds with a single post? Now, granted it would need to be a very popular influencer, but still it is a reality that is happening right now. 

So, which companies have managed to partner with the “right” influencer? A great example is Red Bull who partnered with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Together, the two released the Red Bull Ninja cans, which were a limited edition offering and proved to be quite the hit. The idea was that Red Bull would give you enough energy to play all your favourite games. It was a stroke of genius in terms of marketing. 

Although Red Bull isn’t in the online gaming industry, but you can see how this type of partnership would work between a buzzed about game or even games console. 

Capitalising on the Rise in Female Players 

Then there is the fact that there has been an increase in the number of female players online over the past few years. Those who are staying up to date with the latest marketing trends have recognised this rise and are appealing to it through marketing.  

According to statistics from Statista, 45% of gamers are now made up of females, and what makes this even more interesting is that some of the most engaged mobile gamers are middle-aged females.  

It’s a shift in demographics that may not have been predicted just a few years ago, but it has become the reality. Many of the top game developers and those in the industry have recognised this shift and are now designing products and marketing campaigns geared at this very engaged customer base. 

Setting the Bar High 

At the end of the day, the gaming industry seems to be setting the bar high when it comes to marketing and is showing other industries how it’s done. 

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