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How to Leverage Your Video Content For Brand Building

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Building a brand is about creating a story. In today’s world, the best medium for telling stories is through video content. Words and pictures alone cannot convey the same message that a poignant video can. With a video, the interpretation of the brand is taken care of, so the audience has a clear understanding of your vision and message. 


A video allows you to entertain, to educate, and to entice the viewer in one fell swoop. The people, places, and things you use in the video show the audience what life can be like when they choose your brand. Blogs and still images can enhance video content, but nothing delivers quite like a well-crafted video. 

Too Long – Didn’t Read

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The numbers prove that video is a necessity for companies working on building their brand. Considering how many people use their phones to shop or use social media, video marketing is the key to success. It is challenging to read a blog on a mobile phone screen, but that same screen is perfect for watching videos. Consider the number of times people comment that a blog is too long, so they didn’t read it (TL;DR) in the comments. 

And according to Facebook, in 2020, over 75% of the mobile data traffic is video. Facebook and other social media platforms recognize that Millennials prefer videos over other content and that the best way to capture the eyes of viewers is to design videos that deliver messages quickly and offer some kind of reward – in the form of an emotional response. The videos need to be designed for mobile screens. 

Snacking, Interacting, and Immersing

When designing videos, it is important to consider different experiences. The best experiences for viewers include:

  • Short and snackable: These are videos that people can watch on the go or while waiting in line. They offer quick information in bite-size bits
  • Interactive: These are the videos that get people looking forward to their screen because they feel like they can interact with the information
  • Immersive: These are the videos that people love to watch while sitting back and immersing themselves in the images

All three types of videos are necessary to use when leveraging video content for your brand. Not every video needs to be lengthy and filled with immersive information. Sometimes, a quick little bite is all your customers need. Consider the popularity of TikTok videos – they are only 15 seconds long. Users can string four together for a 60-second video. 

Creativity Builds Brands

When planning video content for your brand, you have to consider the attention spans of your potential customers. Watching video on a mobile screen is different from watching video on a TV screen. So, video content needs to be considered, and the images need to be captured in a way that maximizes the screen size. 

For example, a video should not be filled with small details, as those do not show up well on the small screen. Colors need to be considered, too. If you are selling a black t-shirt, viewers will have difficulty seeing the details on their small screens. 

Leveraging video for brand building means creating a style for your videos, too. Consider the commercials you see on TV. You know immediately who Flo belongs to, or the Gecko, or Clydesdales, right? The styling of your videos, the regular cast members, and the objects you place in your videos will help define your brand. Even color choices can increase brand awareness. When your customers and potential customers see your regular ingredients, they should quickly recognize your brand.

​Part of the branding should also include music, whether original or copyrighted. Music can help define your brand, but it is not cheap to use. Before selecting a song – even a small clip of one – the cost needs to be considered. If your brand is hip and young, then music is a necessity. Music gets the viewer’s attention. Just remember, adding creativity does add a higher price when looking for video production companies. 

Tell Your Story

The real goal of any video is to get a story across to the viewer. If you are attempting to make an impact, then you must leverage your video with real stories from real people. You have to decide what type of stories you want to tell and what reaction you want from your audience. Do you want to make them laugh? Do you want to make them think? Do you want to get the tears flowing? Your brand will be built around the type of stories you tell in each video you release. If you can draw viewers in right away, they will come back for more.

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