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How To Properly Search On Google | 13 Tips & Tricks

Almost all internet users use Google search engine every day. However, not everyone knows how to properly search on Google to get the best results they wish for.

Check out this article to know the most. useful tips and tricks to search on Google from the easiest to the newest features released.

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1. To search for an exact phrase, use quotes
This tip is the most popular and easy: to search a phrase in quotes will get you a result of only pages with the exact words and order as typed in the quotes. It’s considered the most useful and effective search tips, and very useful if you need to find the result including a particular phrase.

2. Place an asterisk in the quotes to determine words you need to know
This is not a very popular trick: to search in quotes, and with an asterisk instead of a word will search all differences of this phrase. It’s useful if you need to find a song using lyrics, yet you can’t remember the whole sentence (e.g. “Here’s to the ones * wish you were here”). Also, if you want to know all structures of an expression (e.g. “* is thinner than oil”).

3. If you want to eliminate results including specific words, use the minus sign.
You need to find results with specific words if you search for an expression that gets many results that you’re not interested in. For example, (e.g. Apple – fruit)

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4. Search websites for keywords
Consider the “site:” work as a Google search that gets only results in a specific website. If you need to find every time TIME.com mentioned Google, search: “Google site:TIME.com”.

5. Search news archives from the 1880s
Google News provides options of news that back to 100 years or more, it has archived newspapers from all over the world

6. Use “vs” for comparisons
If you are hesitant about what to choose for a healthy dinner today, rice or quinoa? Try to use the search “rice vs. quinoa,” and Google will provide you with all the information and nutritional facts you will need to help you decide.

rice vs quinoa21

7. Filter search results for recipes
If you search for food recipes, use “Search Tools” located under the search bar and you can filter results related to the ingredients, time, or calories you prefer. It’s a great tool if you are sticking on a specific diet.

8. Type “DEFINE:” to know the meanings of the words, including slang
Organize the dictionary function using, for instance, “DEFINE: pledge.” If you want the meanings of the words in the dictionary. Other than that, Google will even help you to find meanings of the slangs and acronyms. For example “DEFINE: dunno” or “DEFINE: BRB”.

9. Seach ’tilt’ to tilt your screen
This is a fun addition that Google engineers established. Check it out with yourself.

10. Search Atari Breakout on Google Images to play
The fabulous game for brick breaker is accessible easily to Google. Search on Google Images ‘Atari Breakout’ and have fun.

11. Search images by using images
If you came across a picture that looks familiar but you need to know more about it, or if you want to know the source of it, save it and search it in Google Images. Use the camera button, select the picture and you can see similar photos online.

12. Click on the mic icon on Google’s search bar, and say “flip a coin” or “heads or tails”
The functionality was released last month makes Google flip a coin for you if you don’t have a real one available.

5 flipping22

13. Click on the mic icon on Google’s search bar, and utter “give me a love quote” or “I love you”
The love quote generator is additionally a feature released last month for if you need any romantic stuff.

lovequote 121
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