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How To Receive Your Stimulus Check From the $10B Fund?

The 4th stimulus check and its future still remain uncertain. You can get more details about your 4th stimulus check for this article. There remains money that homeowners can easily tap into for getting some relief. However, these will be available only for homeowners still having problems meeting their housing expenses. The Assistance Fund for the Homeowners, which is less popular, provides amounts in billions to homeowners. This amount is provided to them so that they don’t lose their homes and slip into poverty. 

Get Additional HAF Money Inside Your Stimulus Check!

As a significant portion of the Rescue Plan of America, around $10B dollars was provided into the Assistance Fund for the homeowners. This money which will come in the form of your stimulus check will be issued for assisting you with your mortgage payments. This move was taken as a significant portion of the Rescue Plan of America for preventing late payments, foreclosures, and delinquencies. Here the law is looking to prioritize funds for those homeowners struggling the most due to the pandemic. 

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The Department of Treasury stated that maximum usage of the national and local income indicators was done to pinpoint the areas where money will be required the most. The HAF is responsible for providing at least $50M to Puerto Rico, Columbia District, and each state. The HAF is also responsible for providing $498M to Tribals or housing entities that are Tribally-designated.

If you are a struggling homeowner, you are also eligible for getting additional HAF money to be included in your stimulus check. However, HAF money will get included in your stimulus check only if you have faced financial hardship following any time after 21st January 2020. Also, you need to earn less than or equal to 150 percent of the total median income of the area. 

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