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Stimulus Check Tracing

If there is anyone who has not received their share of the federal aid payments provided by the government in the form of tax refund, economic impact payment, or child tax credit stimulus check payments, then there are certain options they can go for. A payment trace can be carried out by the department of the IRS, however, for that, a request has to be sent to the department. 

Stimulus Check- Steps To Follow

The payment trace can be requested either to know about the status of the stimulus check payments or in case someone misplaced their checks that were issued by the department of the IRS. They can also be approved if one has not provided the correct number of their bank account to the said department. Prior to the process of tracing the stimulus check payments, one can contact the department to check the status of the federal aid payments.

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In case a person has opted for the tax return and is expecting the said stimulus checks then they can go to two of the available applications. Those are “IRS2GO” and “Where’s My Refund.” In case somebody wants to know about the child tax credit federal aid payments then they can use the app, “Update Portal” of the child tax credits. 

In order to carry out the payment trace for their stimulus checks, one will have to provide the necessary information by using “Form 3911.” This means that they will have to provide information like full name, contact number, address, and identification number. They will also have to provide the type of the payments, that is whether it is direct deposit or check. And then some more affirmation on whether it was destroyed, stolen, or lost. One will also have to share the details of their bank accounts. 

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