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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Hunter Biden Teaching Plans On Fake News Outrages Internet

Hunter Biden is in the midst of a social media storm after his attempt at donning the role of a teacher. He will be sharing his views on fake news and media polarization at Tulane University. He will focus on the way business compulsions and false news influence the media. the 10-week series has been titled ‘Media Polarization & Public Policy Impacts.’

Hunter Biden Not Qualified Enough According To Twitter

Social media has questioned Hunter Biden’s expertise and qualification for the role. He has had an unsteady personal life with controversial business deals that extends to Ukraine. They feel that it is his surname that has got him the place.

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Charlie Kirk, Turning Point founder was most scathing. He said that this proves that studying is a misuse of both time and money. He is certain that Hunter should be behind bars and not be in a position to influence Americans.

Republican Lauren Boebert, from Colorado, has pitched in that given Hunter Biden’s expertise in skirting the law, he is perhaps better qualified to speak on fake news. Others have said that Tulane’s parents should ask for a refund.

Hunter Biden has been in another controversy this week when he said that that laptop that gained notoriety in the weeks leading to the election “could have” been his. The Washington Post had published explosive reports centered on the laptop that gave credence to accusations of underhand foreign business deals involving Hunter when his father was the vice president. Hunter Biden revealed that there was a federal investigation against him only after his father won the Presidential election in 2020.

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Hunter will be joined by Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the task force against coronavirus, Susan Glasser, a columnist with the New Yorker, Margaret Sullivan, media columnist with the Washington Post, Burt Stephens of the New York Times, Margaret Brennan of CBS, Kylie Atwood from CNN. The event will take place at New Orleans University.

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