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Mental Health Of Teenagers Might Be Impacted Negatively By Social Media

There is a strong link between poor mental health and the use of social media by teenagers and adolescents which is their budding stage. As per the data of a study, in case these teenagers after hitting puberty uses social media regularly, their satisfaction with life is found to be low after a year. 

How Mental Health Of Different Age Groups Is Affected By Social Media

Although there are plenty of researchers who have the opinion that TikTok and Instagram do not entirely ruin the lives of teenagers and are not bad for them. However, it is not good for them either, as some teenagers might find these social media platforms influential and a medium for building a lot of relationships in the outside world and also teaches them to be more social and extroverts. 

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The poor mental health condition is thus established as these social media platforms encourage a particular body type which is portrayed as an ideal one due to which the majority of the teenagers suffer from low self-esteem. The most challenging part is to figure out which teenager needs attention and how the experts can shift some burden off them so that their mental health improves. 

In the views of Amy Orben, a psychologist at Cambridge University, the period of adolescence is marked by huge biological, social, and cognitive changes and after it is connected with social media, children exhibit some unique changes. In her opinion, social media though causes an impact on the mental health of kids, the challenging part is that the impact is very small. 

Orben conducted a study where 72,000 people of all kinds of age groups were included in the test for seven years. As per the result of the test, individuals between 16 to 21 years of age showed very low satisfaction in life irrespective of the time of using social media.

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