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Stimulus Check- Why Is The Recurring Payment Important

The department of IRS is the main figure behind generating millions of payments that have been made. To be precise, 169 million stimulus checks have been estimated to have been successfully delivered to the eligible citizens of the United States of America. This is the third round of direct payments. And additionally, about 2.3 million eligible people received their financial aid in the month of June. However, this does not stop here according to some lawmakers. They are still fighting to provide people with recurring stimulus checks at least until the coronavirus pandemic gets over.

Stimulus Check- Is It Enough?

As far as the response of the federal government is concerned, they have provided a series of federal aid to the needy as their contribution towards uplifting the ones who are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The stimulus checks came in the form of the 3200 USD followed by 1200 USD provided as a provision of the Economic Security Act as well as the much-debated aid relief program of coronavirus.

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This was made available in the month of March. And 600 USD was then provided in the month of December as one of the relief measures. And lastly, the 1,400 USD checks were delivered in the month of March. The last set of payments was made under the American Rescue Plan. It was approved by Joe Biden, the President of the country.

However, despite all these measures, there are still a lot of people who are suffering economic hardships. 4 in every 10 people have reported that their incomes have gone very low as compared to the pre-pandemic days. It has also been reported that many families are having a hard time making their ends meet. And this is what has triggered the lawmakers from the Democratic party to place their demands concerning the recurring stimulus checks.

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