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Are You In Line For The $850 Stimulus Check? Check Your Eligibility

It appears that the inflation rate is not going down anytime soon and states are pushing through legislation to help out their residents. While some states have given a deduction on taxes, other states have opted for direct stimulus checks.

Maine is one of the states that is sending an $850 stimulus check to its residents. And to facilitate that, Governor Janet Mills will be returning over 50% of the surplus funds in the state budget through direct payments.

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Residents of Maine have to file their 2021 income tax returns on or before October 31 this year to get the check. Those who have already filed their returns do not have to take other steps.

The Maine administration has stipulated that individuals earning $100,000 or less will get the stimulus check. For heads of household, the income limit is $150,000, while for married couples who file jointly, it is $200,000.

Stimulus Check To Be Mailed Starting June 2022

The state administration has informed us that the first batch of checks will be dispatched starting in June 2022. And from July, the checks will be posted on a rolling system across 2022 as more returns are filed by residents.

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The payments will be sent through the United States Postal Service at the address entered at the tax filer’s address in the 2021 state tax returns.

The $850 check will be sent even if a tax filer has not paid any taxes for 2021. Beneficiaries include residents who receive Supplemental Security and Social Security income, but they are subject to the general eligibility requirements.

For married couples who file jointly, if they are both eligible under the stipulated criteria, they will each receive an $850 stimulus check.

The Maine government has enacted other laws to support residents, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Sales Tax Fairness Credit, the Homestead exemption program, and the Property Tax Fairness Credit.

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