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Intel’s RealSense 3D Cameras To Include Smarter Face ID Technology

Intel is about to release its RealSense 3D Cameras that includes faster and smarter facial recognition technology. The company is calling this innovative tech, RealSense ID.

After revolutionizing our computers, laptops and tablets, the company is now after the camera technology. While most of us use our PC cameras for video calling purposes, the Intel RealSense tech has made this experience more capable. Intel’s RealSense Cameras (3D) can gauge depth and sensor movements.

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This technology has been present amongst the public for approximately 5 years. This tech has been loved by heavy gamers. Since the camera can learn your movements, you don’t need a gamepad or other external devices. The movement of your eyes or your body will be shadowed during the game.

Intel Claims Its RealSense Cameras To Be Smarter Than Amazon’s Face Recognition Tech

This amazing new camera tech will be used for faster and smoother facial recognition. The depth-sensitive camera is capable of capturing data in all 3 dimensions. According to the tech-giant, the privacy concerns raised owing to such a technology has now been sorted with the launch of the RealSense ID.

Every user will have their own ID and the data that has been captured will remain with the ID owners. Simply put, this means that any sensitive or private images or videos or real-time data that your device collects with the help of the RealSense 3D cameras will not leave your device.

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Intel’s move comes shortly after Amazon retreated from its facial recognition tech. Amazon’s facial ID tech was blamed for perpetuating biases in race and endangering the privacy of people of color.

Intel claims that their tech is different from its predecessor as they are not traditional cameras applied with an external algorithm for data collection. Intel’s camera includes a smarter technology along with RealSense ID for privacy reasons.

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