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iOS 14 New Feature ‘Back Tap:’ Here’s a Detailed Guide

Back Tap is one of the mention-worthy features of iOs 14 that hasn’t yet earned a name among the customers but is expected to make it big. With its new feature, it is possible to customize double and triple taps on the phone’s back near the iPhone logo. This feature enables the user to create Shortcut automation, iOs system actions, and accessibility features. This article will take you through the functionality of the new feature and how it can be used to the optimum level. 

A preview on how to use iOS 14 ‘Back Tap’

The customized Back Tap controls of iOs 14 mostly works with Shortcuts app automation. However, if a user wants to simplify the process, one can allot a double or triple tap at the back of the phone, near the iPhone logo. This will let users take a screenshot, open the Control center, and use Accessibility features like VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch, Zoom, etc. 

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The new ios14 feature, Back Tap is accessible from the home screen as well with the help of third-party apps. It can also be used from the lock screen of the iPhone. 

Follow the Steps To Enable Back Tap in Your iOS 14:

  • First, go to Settings on your phone and head to accessibility.
  • Click on Touch
  • Go for a bottom swipe 
  • Choose Back Tap
  • To select an action, click Double Tap or Triple Tap
  • Remember, shortcut automation can be launched with the Double or Triple Back Tap. 

To access Notification Center or Control Center, features that take up the whole space on the screen, with Back Tap; the gesture of tap will redirect to your previous page. 

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Take a look at the images to get a complete knowledge of how to access the Back Tap feature on your iOS 14.  

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iOS 14 New Feature ‘Back Tap:’ Here’s a Detailed Guide 4

Either you can go for Double Tap or Back Tap or use both. At the top you will find System actions, to use Accessibility action swipe down, or use a Shortcuts automation. 

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iOS 14 New Feature ‘Back Tap:’ Here’s a Detailed Guide 5
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iOS 14 New Feature ‘Back Tap:’ Here’s a Detailed Guide 6

iOS 14- New Features

Along with the Back Tap feature, iOS 14 has several new interesting features that make the new product interesting. Here’s a few of them:

  1. Apple Arcade- For all game-lovers, the Apple Arcade is back with new game-browsing features that let a user keep track of the most popular games in the Game Center, etc.
  2. Apple Cash Family- With this iOS 14 feature, any user, irrespective of age, can now use Apple cash to send or receive money.
  3. Camera- iOS 14 offers a high-end camera experience. The camera of the phone has features like faster time to first shot and faster shot-to-shot performance.
  4. Photos- Several new options have been included under ‘sort’ and ‘filter’ to improvise the gallery experience of iOS 14. 

The new iOS 14 is an attractive buy and the cherry on the cake is the Back tap feature. Have you added this phone to your wishlist yet?

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