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iPhone 12 and its MagSafe Accessories- How Does it Work?

The recent range of the Apple iPhone 12 models all come with better cameras, 5G, and the MagSafe charger- which is basically a widely received feature that was used by Apple in its MacBooks. For iPhone 12, MagSafe will simply use a magnetic connection that will help us attach a charger (wireless) with an infinite number of magnetic accessories that it can be snapped on- like mounts, docks, cases, and wallets. 

The iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, 12 Pro Max have already started revolutionizing a completely new direction for the company- whilst providing the users of Apple with a completely new way to utilize their phones. But before that, let’s just simply look at what MagSafe does, according to Apple- how it might work, and how to use it once upgraded. 

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How does MagSafe work on the iPhone 12?

The recent models of the iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 12 have been embedded with a cluster of magnets, as Apple refers to it- which have been wound up around a charging coil at the centre. This can extract upto 15 watts of power- which is twice as powerful if the other wireless charging is compared with this. When the user is going to bring the power cord’s charging end towards the iPhone 12’s back, these magnets will help put it in place. And it is the same with other accessories of MagSafe- and it all depends on what you are clipping it to. And once you have clipped it on, iPhone 12 will briefly display an animation as to how it is working, and if it is locked on. 

iPhone 12 and its MagSafe Accessories- How Does it Work? 2

Will new iPhones come with a MagSafe charging cable?

Most of the Apple iPhones would only come with a USB-C to Lightning Cable in the boxes along with the iPhones. The MagSafe cables that apple provides are going to be sold separately- as they do. But there has been confirmation from Belkin, that they would be manufacturing MagSafe compatible charging cables too.

How much will Apple’s MagSafe accessories cost and when will they go on sale?

iphone 12 magsafe
iphone 12 magsafe

The separately sold MagSafe charger for iPhones has already been made available for users to pre order, for a price of $39, with the shipping listed around two or three weeks. The ones with silicone, and clear cases will be pricey- at around $49, and shipped in 10 business days. The wallet will cost around $59 and will be shipped in around six weeks. 

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Which accessories use MagSafe?

Apart from the wireless charger, the parent company has announced that the MagSafe charger is presumably going to be using a leather wallet, along with a cluster of silicone, leather, and clear cases. Wireless Charging may just be possible using these cases, but it will be unavailable when the wallet is attached. 

But one can also expect an obvious third-party maker of accessories to also get in with the times and bring out even more applicable cases like docks, for tables, desks and others- or dashboards for cars. Whatever it be, iPhone 12 using the MagSafe charger will be a heavy revolution in the way the iPhones work. 

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