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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Stimulus Check Update: IRS Data Reveals Who Received $1,400 Stimulus Checks!

There is a major update regarding your 3rd stimulus check across the US. The data revealed by the IRS shows the details of the people who have received their 3rd stimulus check. There are eligibility criteria to these stimulus payments given by the IRS. However, the data clearly shows the number of people who have income levels equal to or above $200,000 in AGI who received this third stimulus payment. 

This Is A Shock To All Those Who Still Hasn’t Received Their $1400 Third Stimulus Check!

The IRS will be continuing to deliver these third stimulus payments while processing all the tax returns. The IRS figures revealed that the names of the people and their income levels who have received these third stimulus payments don’t sound quite correct. Some people having their AGIs above $200,000 also ended up receiving these stimulus payments. So, the eligibility regarding your third stimulus check appears to be in jeopardy!

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The IRS has reported a total of 127,751 payments to have gone to the taxpayers belonging to that category. The total worth of all those stimulus checks is $392.3M. This figure is a significant portion of the total amount of $392.3M of the total 163.5M payments. 

The eligibility requirement of your third stimulus check was a lot stricter than the earlier rounds of stimulus payments that were given by the IRS. So the taxpayers belonging to that category receiving any amount of money came as a bitter shock to the working Americans who are struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic! This batch of stimulus payments was sent out by the IRS after Congress approved the Rescue Plan of America Act during the month of March. Hopefully, you will get to see your stimulus check soon!

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