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Stimulus Check- Payback The Money?

Some citizens of the United States of America received a letter from the department of the IRS. According to the letter, they were told to pay back the amount of the stimulus checks financial aid payments. This incident took place recently. One woman from the state of Massachusetts received a similar letter. Although she reached out to the department, she did not receive any answers from them. 

Stimulus Check Solutions

Natalie Bonelli, the woman who received the letter from the department of the IRS, also gave a detailed account of the content of the letter. It was stated that she was asked to pay back a total of 600 USD that was sent to her in the form of stimulus check federal aid payments. The Massachusetts-based citizen was also asked to repay the extra amount of 3.12 USD as interest. And when she was finally asked about how she felt, she stated that she went into a state of panic initially.

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There was no one she could ask for help. She had received her stimulus check financial aid payment in the year 2020. It was sent to her in the form of paper checks. When that took place, she was in Brooklyn. However, she stated that she could not receive the second batch of financial aid payments. It was provided in the month of December. The amount provided was 600 USD.

Following that, she was told by the IRS department. Natalie Bonnell followed the steps that were to be taken in case someone missed their payments. However, in the midst of all this confusion, she received the said letter that instructed her to give back the amount of the stimulus check financial aid payment she never even received. The first step towards solving the problem, as stated by experts, is to trace the money.

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