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Is A Fourth Stimulus Check Likely For Americans In 2021?

Lately rumors regarding a possible fourth stimulus check of the amount $15000 might get approved within 2021. However, there is no official statement from the central or state governments. 

The unemployment bonus from the federal government was terminated in September. Yet millions of Americans are facing an extreme financial crisis that would be relieved with the 4th stimulus payment. 

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Few states like California have decided to help their citizens with more funds that are likely to help economic recovery that is hit hard due to the COVID pandemic. 

Stimulus Check: YES Or NO? 

In March 2021, several Democrats namely Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Ron Wyden wrote to Joe Biden, US President, appealing for recurring stimulus money and regular unemployment benefits to uplift the degrading economic conditions. 

This letter was signed and supported by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. They requested a monthly stimulus check of $2000 till the pandemic allays. 

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House Ways & Means Committee wrote a letter on 17th May asking for additional payments worth $1400 to 11 million Americans who are facing a severe financial crisis. They also pushed for increased unemployment insurance and additional provisions for an added 5 million people. 

The letter also mentioned the dire need for a 4th and 5th check till the pandemic ends that will keep millions alive. 

A poll conducted by Data for Progress during early 2021 showed most Americans favor repeated stimulus check relief payments and the majority demanded a $200 payment each month. 

Reduced 4th Check Possibility 

As vaccination is increasing, the chances for 4th check are reducing as the nation is expected to recover soon. Consumer spending is gradually increasing alongside employment rates. Job growth of 530,000 was beyond expectations after many months. 

Many Americans are still receiving unemployment aid whereas, Republican states terminated the $300 central unemployment bonus before Labor Day.

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