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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Is Stimulus Check Included In The New Bill?

The reconciliation package has been announced in the United States of America and people want to know if the stimulus checks federal aid payment is included in it. In the summer of 2021, the Democratic Party, under the leadership of Bernie Sanders, the chairman of the budget committee of the US Senate, expressed their thoughts about a reconciliation bill. The amount of the bill was stated to be over 3 trillion USD.  

Stimulus Check- Details 

The said bill got approved by most of the politicians. Its provisions have also been revealed. The provisions that are mentioned in the bill incorporate all these things that could not be incorporated in the infrastructure plan introduced by the Democratic President of the country. However, the most anticipated provision that is not mentioned in the bill is that of the stimulus check financial aid payments. Previously, the American Families Plan that was unveiled by the administration of President Biden, had the availability of the stimulus check child tax credit payments to all the eligible families across the country. 

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None of the politicians have spoken in the absence of the financial aid payments in the new bill. The other area that the bill focuses on is that the families will not have to pay any more than 7% of their total income when it comes to childcare.

According to some of the economists, the absence of the fourth round of the stimulus check federal aid payments combined with other negative factors like the drowning unemployment benefits, the eviction moratorium as well as the rise in the cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, only adds to the declining economy of the United States of America. Over 9 million citizens of the country submitted their filings for unemployment benefits.         

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