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James Corden Branded As A Very Abusive Customer By NY City’s Balthazar

Balthazar, a renowned restaurant in NYC has lashed out at James Corden, the comedian as a very vicious and offensive customer. The 71-year-old owner Keith McNally has said since he opened the restaurant twenty-five years ago, James Corden undoubtedly takes the cake for being the most savage Customer of them all.

James Corden’s Arrogance Lands Him In A Soup

Though James Corden is a very talented comedian he is extremely insensitive and a nitwit claimed Keith on social media. Cafe Luxembourg and Balthazar are French eateries that are known for their fine dining. Keith himself is lauded by all as the person who ‘created Downtown He said he was forced to imply ’86′(prohibited) on James from entering his restaurants.

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The first time James had asked to be served free of cost as there was a hair in the dish that had been served to him. He did so after he had finished the entire meal. He went to the length of threatening the staff and maligning the restaurant even though he had apologized too.

On the 9th of October, he revisited the restaurant with his wife for brunch. She ordered for egg yolk omelet topped with gruyere cheese and salad on the side. After the dish was served James within a few minutes started yelling at M.K the server. His grievance was that a little egg white had been served. The dish was served afresh but with fries instead of salad. James was livid and created a scene much to the dismay of the staff. Champagne was served as a complimentary drink but that too did not appease him.

Keith feels as the servers otherwise have a stressful work schedule, they shouldn’t be unnecessarily abused by celebrities. 

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