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James Corden Regretful Over His Big Apple Mistake

James Corden made a classist comment at a restaurant in New York City that cost him big time. He has been banned from the restaurant. And it was very rude of him to behave in a certain with the servers.

James Corden Apologizes For His Mistake

Recently allegations were made against British tv persona James Corden. And a New York City restaurant owner Keith McNally. James was at the restaurant with his wife and friends in the big apple balthazar. He made a rude comment to a server who was just doing a job which is not cooking. Being at a high-quality restaurant with a signature chef and humiliating his staff is beyond forgiveness.

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Keith McNally called him out by making allegations and ‘banned’  him. However, James addressed his mistake and apologized immediately, and further made a comment of going back there and apologizing in person. James Corden’s father made him realize his mistake.

The matter was sorted then and there at the big apple, and even the restaurant served them a bottle of champagne as an apology, but later things were different. The scene started because James Corden’s wife ordered a dish without the server’s or the chef’s knowledge she was allergic.

The couple tried their best to explain their concern but in vain the restaurant keep sending the wrong dish, and James loses his temper making a sarcastic comment about ‘cooking it himself. He didn’t realize in the heat of the moment, the depth of the comment. It was utterly humiliating for the restaurant or the staff. He yelled at the server about he can’t do his job. James caused a scene that made the owner not only upset but humiliated him as well.

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Thus banned from the Restaurant. He later addressed his wrongdoing and said he knows the job, he has done that for years, and added how much he loves that place and its staff. The story is already in the market, and he has received so much negativity. Keith McNally and James Corden solved the matter privately over the phone and cleared the ‘air’.

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