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James Kennedy Officially Dates Ally Lewber

The relationship between James Kennedy and Ally Lewber, his new partner, has made their relationship official. The star of the ‘Vander pump Rules, James Kennedy recently posted some videos and pictures with his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, from the journey to Mexico City. 

James Kennedy Introduces Her New Girlfriend On Instagram

James Kennedy broke up with his ex-fiancé just three months ago and went on this trip with Ally Lewber. The thirty-year-old James Kennedy was found sharing a lovely picture of both of them at Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum. The pictures showed that both of them are lovingly staring at each other and also snogging in one of the photos. 

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The last picture showed that both of them just jumped off a cliff into the water and were holding hands. They did not hesitate to publicly display their love on social media. The photos and videos had the caption that the trip was the best among all his other trips and he asked his fans to share the love and positivity to the society as life is very short and one can never know what awaits for them. 

As per a rep, James Kennedy just met Ally and he is very excited and happy spending time with her. This new relationship was teased a lot since January by the DJ. The news of their romance was confirmed after James Kennedy posted a video of him holding hands with Ally. A month later he again posted a picture of where he gave a light peck on her cheek and called her baby girl.

Leviss and Kennedy were engaged which was shown in the last season of ‘Vander pump Rules’ and after its end, they announced that they are parting ways in December 2021 after completing the reunion of Season 9. She is currently living in Los Angeles from where he has been posting videos of her working out, partying, and even shopping.

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