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Jenelle Evans Recently Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Jenelle Evans was suffering from excruciating pain for a long time and after proper diagnosis, she found out that she is suffering from fibromyalgia. The star of ‘Teen Mom 2’ stated in an interview to the E that she has felt extreme headaches and full-body pain just like she had flu but not having one. 

The Journey Of Jenelle Evans In This Hard Time

Jenelle Evans stated that her entire body would pain every day without any reason and she mostly stayed in her bed crying. There were doctors and people around her who did not believe her symptoms until she got a new neurologist. As per the sources of CDC, the condition Jenelle Evans is suffering from, fibromyalgia is a disease that cannot be cured and causes extreme fatigue, sleeping issues, and pain in the whole body. 

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In a statement, Jenelle Evans said that her daily life is very challenging, and conducting normal business has been difficult for her as she has very little energy left in her. After diagnosis, she understands the reason why her body was acting like that and shared that she had never heard about the disease until her doctor named it. She has now started researching all the food that she can and cannot have. 

Jenelle Evans also stated that David Eason, her husband has been her rock-solid Pillar and is taking care of the household and children and even taking her to all the doctor’s appointments. Evans has a daughter with Eason and two sons Jace and Kaiser with her exes, Andrew Lewis and Nathan Griffith. 

Moreover, she said that some days she feels good and some days gets very hard for her and thus, she requests all her fans to be patient with her. She also broke the news to her children and said that she will get through this with her family.

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