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Friday, February 3, 2023

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Dance Moves Ruling The Internet

With recently released  Netflix series Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega has been crowded with press and fans with their curiosity. It’s a horror comedy and the directors actually could reach the core of those characters and bring them to life. This is one of the greatest creations of Tim Burton. And giving the main role to Jenna Ortega, the best thing he has done. She doesn’t only perfectly match the role but also her attitude matched with Wednesday.

Jenna Ortega Talked About The Greatest Scene

Jenna Ortega plays the character of Wednesday in Wednesday and received a lot of support and positive comment since the release. Wednesday’s savage replies have won billion of hearts worldwide. Not only that Jenna Ortega matched the same level of energy Wednesday radiates in the series.

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Jenna Ortega talked about how badly she had been struck by covid and then filmed the famous dance scene. She used to take medicines in between takes, and she choreographed herself within a week for that dance scene, she was unable to get up and her body ached badly as if she was hit by a car, and some goblin was down her throat to the esophagus and scratching them.

She could have done the scene better if she was not sick. As fans raised concerns for the covid why was she even allowed in the first place to shoot with such health conditions, later they responded that proper covid protocols were maintained, and as soon as Jenna tested positive she was removed from the set.

Jenna Ortega described how she badly wanted to redo the dance scene she was so excited about but was unable to do as they were in a time crunch. But she struggled throughout the scene. As she says she is not a dancer however she gave her best to bring out the best possible dance scene.

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