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Jennifer Lopez Giving Hints that She Could Be Changing Her Name

Jennifer Lopez recently mentioned changing her name legally after her wedding with Ben Affleck on July 17th.

Jennifer, sharing her wedding photos with fans in her newsletter, has signed the mail reading “ With Love, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.”

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Since then, fans have been speculating if Jennifer legally changed her name. We were excited to know as well. So, we tried to find their marriage license. The license filed in Nevada’s Clark County reads Jennifer’s name as Jenifer Lynn Affleck. It was a matter of some paperwork before we could address our beloved JLo as Jennifer Affleck. This paperwork includes contracting the department of Social Security Administration.

Jennifer Lopez Set To Change Her Name Legally into Jennifer Affleck 

Jennifer Lopez, the star singer, said she would like to take the last name of the Oscar-winning actor when they got engaged almost two decades ago.

The star couple broke up in 2004. However, now after almost 13 years later, they were recently reunited in the summer of 2021. Then they were suddenly engaged for a year and just after a few months of waiting they married each other. They might have taken a prolonged time to reach the alter after their engagement; almost twenty years took them to go there. However, they look good together.

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Jennifer Lopez wrote that love is patient, beautiful, and kind. Love is twenty years patient, she added. It was evident from the words she wrote how happy she was. Jennifer changed her name to Muniz when she tied knots with Mark Muniz in 2004. She shares two children with Mark.

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