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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Celebration Of “Poop Parades” For Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Right now, Jesse T Ferguson is hosting some significant fecal celebrations at his home. The 47-year-old former “Modern Family” star admitted that he along with his 37-year-old Justin Mikita, his husband, are now toilet retraining their baby boy Beckett, 2. 

During the Broadway premiere of “Shucked,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson informed in an interview that their eldest son was learning to be toilet trained at the time and they were trying to make a huge show out of it to keep him encouraged to practice bowel movement by himself. However, the festivities are not just for Beckett.

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The Tony-winning performer remarked, that they were also doing the same with themselves, adding that such celebrations, which he calls poop parades were being held a lot right now at their home. Sullivan, the couple’s second son, was born in November of last year, and Ferguson acknowledges that bringing up two young ones can be tiring. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Modern Family And More

In 2013, Jesse Tylor Ferguson wed Mikita, a Broadway producer, and attorney. They recently collaborated on the film “Broadway Rising”. The production revolved around the often difficult path to Broadway’s reopening following the extraordinary closure brought on by COVID-19. Jesse Tyler Ferguson who was a significant part of the show “Modern Family”, playing the role of Mitchell Pritchett has often spoken about how the entire show has been such a unique experience and assured that although he was sure if there is any similar production involving the same cast will carry the same charm, it would simply not feel the same.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson further added that he was looking forward to trying new things. Whilst he is glad to consider suggestions, he would like to do it with the entire group because it would not feel the same to do it alone.

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