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Friday, September 8, 2023

Sascha Seinfeld Is All Grown Up Now: Vegan, At Times Author And Proud Mom Jessica Shares Fun Details Of Daughter Sascha Seinfeld

Proud mother Jessica Seinfeld posted a family photo, with her husband Jerry, and daughter Sascha Seinfeld as she turned 18 and entered a new phase of her life. She captioned the photo mentioning that her daughter was off to college.

The photo included herself, Sascha Seinfeld, Jerry, and their two other younger children, Julian Kal, and Shepherd Kellen. She wrote of the many goodbyes and warm wishes sent from family and friends as they left for the morning. She again thanked those who sent messages and expressed their tremendous gratitude towards all.

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The 51-year-old author also recently shared a trailer of the much-delayed Inside Amy Schumer fifth season this Thursday. She revealed fun details about her daughter Sascha Seinfeld who is her eldest child with Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian.

Jessica congratulated Amy Schumer for the new season. She added that it was a brilliant show. She also sent out a proud-mom signal as Sascha Seinfeld has penned an outline in a full episode.

She also shared her joy and pride on Instagram Story and mentioned that inside Amy Schumer was back and was just as great. She also congratulated all the brilliant writers that included the sketch by Sascha Seinfeld.

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Sascha Seinfeld Also Repeats Mother Jessica’s Story

The 21-year-old Sascha also reposted the tweet by her mother and wrote to say that she was honored to be included in this brilliant season and to be part of such an amazing and exciting spell of the comedienne’s show.

Last year the family also shared the support they have for one another. Her parents had thrown a 1920s theme party when she turned 21, and it was also joined by her brother Shepherd and Julian.

Jessica had earlier shared with her Parents that Jerry was an amazing and loving father while admitting that he struggled to achieve that.

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