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Jim Carrey Might Retire From Acting Forever

In recent news, Jim Carrey stated that he is thinking about taking retirement from acting. Jim Carrey, who is currently 60 years old, was recently promoting his new movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ where he mentioned that he likes a quiet life. While giving an interview with Kit Hoover, the host, he said that he is sort of serious and is thinking about finally retiring. 

Reaction Of Jim Carrey While Promoting His New Movie

Jim Carrey also mentioned that only in a case where an angel writes a script and brings it to him, then he might consider it doing. He should be convinced enough that the script is written in gold and there is a huge demand from the people to watch him for that part. Other than the above-mentioned reasons, he will be retiring from acting. 

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Jim Carrey revealed that his outside life was carefree and beautiful without any buzz of his stardom. He could also spend an enormous amount of time on things he loves like painting and art. He stated that he is a fan of spiritual life and he ensured that no other celebrity would talk like him, still, he is content with whatever he did and have. 

Earlier in 2018, he gave a hint of retiring by saying that he did not like the things that were happening in Hollywood. He could not cope with the fact that huge corporations were taking over everything and felt a huge pressure in an alien world where he could not channel his inner creativity in the right way. 

Carrey gave an example and said he liked painting because of the fact that no one instructs him or puts ideas in his head. He has control throughout. Carry who is known for many movies like ‘The Trueman Show’ ‘And Liar Liar’, recently came into the news for openly criticizing Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022.

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