Avenger Star Jeremy Renner’s Frightening 911 call Gets Released

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner was met by a horrifying snowplow accident as his 911 dispatcher call gets released on Tuesday. In the audio clip, the impaled actor can be heard moaning in pain in the background while the neighbor begs in fret for the paramedics to reach. 

Actor Jeremy Renner Comes Across A Terrifying Accident On New Year’s

The neighbor said he saw someone getting run over by a snowplow in front of his house and the victims seemed likely to have been crushed as Renner’s faint groan could be heard. The speaker went over to him and explained his injuries in detail as he could see the actor’s crushed up right side. He goes on to describe that his right chest, ribs, and upper torso might have been impaled by the incident. He most likely has a head wound too. 

The neighbor confirms that even though Renner was taking short breaths and agonizing in pain he remained conscious. However, the actor was found slowly drifting by the time medics arrived. The caller covered his body with a blanket along with his bleeding head. 

The 911 call was released a day after Jeremy Renner’s return home. The actor shared a post comforting his fans about his steady recovery following New Year’s hospitalization. 

Jeremy Renner also responded to a tweet mentioning ‘Mayor of Kinstown’s’ latest season premiere being available to stream. He recalls that outside of his foggy brain, he was quite excited to binge-watch episode 201 of the show along with his family. 

The Avenger Star also posted photos of his new place in Nevada last week. The actor concludes that he misses his happy place and warns his neighbors to stay safe indoors as a heavy snowstorm is reported to hit soon. 

During the scene of the accident, the star was at his Reno-area property when he was run over by a PistenBully snowplow weighing over 14,330 pounds. The Sheriff County Darin Balaam confirmed in a press conference held on 4th Jan that the actor was believed to have not been impaired by the accident at all.