Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope Is Parenting In 2023

Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope
Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope

Dylan Rose Lawrence is the first child that Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope have had together. The actor and his wife posted a picture of themselves and their new baby on Instagram to announce the news.

Lawrence stated, “Everyone is happy and healthy, and we are delighted with thankfulness. We welcomed her into this world with the most incredible midwife.” Lawrence was making a reference to the baby’s birth. After getting married in May 2022, Lawrence and Cope announced their impending pregnancy in September of the same year.

Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope 

Lawrence already has two daughters from a previous marriage, Charleston, who is 16 years old, and Liberty, who is 12 years old. This is Lawrence’s third child. He frequently extols his daughters as “my reason for life and my greatest blessings” on Instagram.

The actor posted a series of pictures of the five-member family on Instagram to announce the arrival of his third daughter once more.

“Dylan Rose Lawrence Mom, Dad, and big sisters are all so smitten with you sweet girl!” 11.6.13 He used the words “his two oldest daughters” in the caption of the post.

On social media, the couple’s friends, family, and followers have expressed their congratulations, with some even stating that they cannot wait to meet the newest member of the family.

It’s clear that Joey Lawrence and Cope are overjoyed about the new addition to their family as they continue to adjust to it. We can’t wait to see more of their family life in the future! They will undoubtedly be wonderful parents to their daughter!