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Join The Online “Bitcoin Quest” To Find Hidden Crypto Seeds And Win Exciting Offers

Bitcoin Quest, an online crypto-sleuthing contest will commence from January 21, 2021 and people are excited about this event where they can use their analytical skills to find out hidden cryptocurrency seeds in pictures.

Winners of this contest will be offered a certificate, 3 hardware wallets from Satochip (PC version), along with thirteen $150 worth of gift hampers.

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The growing popularity of Bitcoin has led some of the crypto industry teams to begin this online Bitcoin Quest. The teams involved in it are namely, Hotmine, the Ed Khan Crypto Gallery, Satochip, Its Business Baby and School Bitcoin.

The interesting contest includes a game of searching for Bitcoin seeds hidden in the form of mnemonic phrases in elaborate and intricate artwork. However, there are several guidelines to follow. Make yourself familiar with them before you go on to play.

Bitcoin Quest: A Contest To Prove Your Analytical Skills

The game is offered in two languages, English and Russian. There are two groups in Telegram where you can join to participate in the Bitcoin Quest. The game will officially begin from the 21st of January, one of the teams involved reported in a statement. They further mentioned that before the game day, participating individuals should get hold of the game rules and other info from @helpmyquestbot.

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The announcement of the Quest stated that this event is an “adventure journey” and individuals are encouraged to show off their analytical skills to find words from the artwork to accumulate Bitcoin seeds.

The Bitcoin Quest contest has been developed by the Bitpainter, Jeff Fawkes. He is known as an artist who has been hiding crypto seeds in images since 2017. The Satochip wallets that come as a winning prize will feature one such Bit-painting along with a certificate that proves your analytical skills, highlights Quest developers.

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