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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jojo Siwa Reveals New Information: Candace Cameron Bure “Didn’t Give All The Specifics.”

After admitting that the actress immediately called her after their previous spat made headlines, JoJo Siwa asserted claimed that Candace Cameron Bure didn’t provide all the information from the encounter. Siwa said that she and Candace did talk over a phone call on an exclusive Instagram video that Page Six got. 

Jojo Siwa further explained that Cameron Bruce helped her gain Instagram followers on the video this Tuesday. She said it was an after-party where she did not want a picture with her, and she was OK with the incident. 

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However, when JoJo turned around and looked back, she saw Candace taking pictures with all the other kids. Siwa said that is when she got upset and called it a memory that will stick with the actress forever. 

Jojo Siwa Had a Conversation With Candace Over The Phone: 

She said that this is one of those moments that happens with many kids where someone says something to the kid, and that gets stuck with the kid, and they could not forget it for as long as they live. 

However, JoJo Siwa admitted that “it was a pleasant call” with Cameron Bure, even if she still had some leftover emotions from what she had previously called a “tough encounter.” She said that her ten minutes conversation with Candace was sweet. She told in the video that Candace did apologize for her behavior, and then they talked for a few more minutes, and it was a nice experience for her. 

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Despite the media circus that followed the disclosure that went viral, Siwa doesn’t appear to be regretting anything. She said that she was being honest with her feeling in the previous video, which is something she has always done and will always do. 

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